Grace Church exists to give glory to God through Proclaiming the Gospel, Transformation by Grace, & Growing in Christ

Care & Discipleship

Care and Discipleship Pastor George Hill leads all the aspects of Care Ministry. Pastor George also provides personal guidance in matters that are not appropriate for lay ministry. Please call 719.239.1286 to request an appointment with Pastor George. You will be asked to complete a survey to assist in establishing an overview of your need.

Care Groups

Care Groups are topic-focused sessions designed to help you find, trust, and follow God through life’s challenges while connecting with others for encouragement and support. Let us help you learn to trust God and lean on one another; let go of the past, bitterness and destructive relationships; and form relationships that will make a difference in your spiritual growth. Click here for details about available Care Groups.

Church Family Care

Church Family Care is a ministry of encouragement to support the family of Grace Church as they encounter the challenges of life. Assistance takes many forms. Call the church office @ 719.539.2693 to let us know how we may minister to you in your needs and challenges.

Community Care

Community Care is a ministry of encouragement to support individuals outside the family of Grace Church as they encounter the challenges of life. Grace Church works in cooperation with other community groups focused on caring assistance for those in need.


Spiritual Care is offered for anyone facing one of life’s challenging issues and desiring spiritual counsel. It provides biblically-based guidance to pursue healing, restoration, and living lives honoring to God in a safe and caring environment. Spiritual care is not considered professional therapy or counseling.

Discipleship is offered for anyone who wants to develop a deeper personal relationship with Christ and needs personal encouragement and direction. If you are interested in receiving either Spiritual Care or Discipleship, please contact Pastor George Hill @ 719.239.1286.