Summer Sunday Service @ 9am

The Stowells

Ryan & Rebecca work with the Akha people, who have fled out of Burma (Myanmar). Together with the Family Connection Foundation, the Stowells have started Seed of Hope, a Christian-based dorm for Akha children. Because many Akha people are not Thai citizens, they live in poverty and have difficulty accessing education, making these children at higher risk of being sold into child labor, slavery, or prostitution. The goal of Seed of Hope is to lead students to an active relationship with God through Jesus Christ and to give children from remote villages access to public education, college education, & development of sustainable practices through planting crops, raising animals, & creating viable business opportunities.

If you ever have more questions, please feel free to reach out to them and sign up with Rebecca to get her newsletter every month. She does an amazing job at updating their partners and would love to keep you updated as well. If you would like to donate to Ryan and Rebecca personally or to the Seed of Hope just visit this link and select the proper fund under the designation drop down menu.